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Airtable Review: Features, Use Cases, Pricing

Airtable Review: Features, Use Cases, Pricing

Airtable is a cloud-based database solution that lets users create applications for product management. It converts your digital chaos into an orchestra of productivity.

In this Airtable review, we’ll look into some of its use cases to help you decide if this app is the best for your needs.

Airtable Features

Organizational templates

These range from content management to CRM and offer a convenient starting point. The best part is that you can customize these templates to meet your needs. Airtable has an active community that circulates its templates.

Project management

Airtable makes it easy to track your team’s progress and assign tasks when working on large or small one-off projects. Project units can also check off their tasks and remain on the same page.

Rich field types

You can create and customize your database with different data types like attachments, checkboxes, text, and dates. Doing so helps to keep everything organized.


This comprehensive feature gives users insightful data analysis and presentation. Included here is a no-code UI where you can create dashboards to monitor valuable information for your organization.

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Airtable Limitations

  • The learning curve is steep, which means new users might need help adapting the tool to their operations.
  • Advanced features and integrations are only available in the higher-tier plans, limiting their access to businesses with smaller budgets.
  • Airtable’s mobile experience lacks the complete functionality and ease of use experienced in its desktop version.
  • The platform doesn’t allow connections with other third-party API connectors to import data directly to your tables.
  • Like all cloud-based service solutions, businesses dealing with sensitive information might be concerned about privacy and data security issues.


Airtable comes in four pricing tiers

Free plan

  • Unlimited databases and collaborations
  • 1200 records per database and maximum storage of 2GB 
  • 100 automation runs monthly

Plus account ($12 per/user/month)

  • Unlimited databases and collaborations
  • 5000 records per database and maximum storage of 5GB
  • Six months of revision plus snapshot history
  • 5,000 automation runs monthly

Pro account ($24 per/user/month or $240 per/user/year) 

With this tier of service, you get everything in the lower two plans plus:

  • 50,000 records per database and maximum storage of 20GB
  • 1 year of revision plus snapshot history
  • 50,000 automation runs monthly
  • Other advanced features include custom branded forms, priority support, personal views, and more.

Enterprise account

You will need to contact customer support to get an actual quote for this tier. Enterprise includes everything in the Pro tier and adds administration controls.

Airtable Use Cases

Here are some ways Airtable can be used in different business processes.

Management of sales assets

Salespeople require a platform to edit, share, and update marketing assets. Airtable keeps these assets updated in real-time, ensuring their timely access.


Building an Airtable CRM is ideal for teams seeking a cost-effective, customized solution to track prospects.

Social advertisements

As operations grow, tracking marketing and lead generation becomes difficult. Documenting everything on one platform helps firms quickly retrieve information on ad spend and campaign success.

Inventory management

E-commerce stores that deal with inventory understand that staying on top of inventory is crucial. Creating an Airtable inventory management template can provide a tailored solution to track the movement of products.

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Airtable provides robust features to streamline your workflow. It’s intuitive, easy-to-use, and can be tailored to suit your needs. However, it has its limitations when it comes to project management capabilities. But with time, you’ll realize Airtable's pros and discover innovative ways to use it for marketing.

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