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writing rules and guidelines

Here are three fundamental principles you must adhere to:
Unwavering relevance:

Your foremost priority is maintaining 100% relevance to the topic, avoiding any unnecessary "fluff." This entails a thorough exploration of the subject matter, with a meticulous focus on conveying essential points without straying into unrelated territory. Dedicate your efforts to elucidating the central theme crafting precise and pertinent content.

Depth and accuracy:

Your article should strive for the utmost depth and accuracy. Superficial and well-trodden facts have no place here. Instead, aim to deliver an exceptional piece grounded in exhaustive research, statistical analysis, current news, industry insights, and best practices. A word count of no less than 1000 words will enable you to comprehensively cover the topic, ensuring a thorough examination.

Surpassing Competitors:

 Endeavor to surpass existing content on the same subject.  Conduct a Google search using your article's title to evaluate materials on the first three pages. Your objective is to identify gaps, delve deeper, and create superior content—more valuable, informative, and research-oriented, providing readers with comprehensive answers to their questions.

In addition, here are some supplemental guidelines to follow:
Value-centric material:

Ensure your content provides substantial value to potential readers.

Keyword Integration:

If feasible, start your article with the primary (general) keyword on the selected topic. Use additional long-tail keywords throughout the text. Ensure all keywords are integrated naturally and don’t appear spammy.

Engaging introduction:

Avoid generic openings like "In this modern world..." and focus on an intro directly related to the topic, engaging readers with concise yet intriguing content.

Eliminate cliches and filling words:

Refrain from using commonplace cliches, maintaining a strict focus on the topic without unnecessary fillers.

Structured content:

Clearly segment your text into logical paragraphs, introducing relevant headings such as H2, H3 (as required), and a conclusion.

Active voice:

Opt for active voice over passive constructions, enhancing the readability and impact of your sentences.


Keep paragraphs and sentences concise, sweet, and short, avoiding wordiness. If an idea can be conveyed in one or two sentences, do so without needless repetition.

Utilize lists and bullet points:

Enhance readability by incorporating lists and bullet points where appropriate.

Statistical and expert insights:

Enrich your article with the latest statistics (not older than a year), opinions from industry leaders, and expert insights.

Visual elements:

Include relevant screenshots, videos, and examples to enhance comprehension and engagement.

Bucket brigades:

Employ attention-grabbing phrases like 'Here’s the deal,' 'Now,' 'What’s the bottom line,' 'You might be wondering,' 'This is crazy,' 'It gets better/worse,' and 'But here’s the kicker' to maintain reader interest.

Back claims with evidence:

Prove your statements with your professional opinions, advice, examples, and experiences.

Internal linking:

Insert a minimum of two relevant links to other articles on our blog to enhance user navigation and engagement.

Word count range:

Aim for a word count between 1000 and 2500 words.

Text uniqueness:

Verify that your text exhibits a uniqueness score of 85% or higher.

External links:

You’re allowed to insert 3 do follow links into your article.