Become A Future-Ready Company With These Networking Tips

Become A Future-Ready Company With These Networking Tips

Starting a business can be exciting. But unless you start dedicating time to building networks, the future potential of your business can be difficult to achieve. 

By creating valuable connections with peers, researchers, investors, and notable institutions in your niche, you’ll unlock the support needed to take your enterprise to the next level.

Here are the best tips for networking as the key to achieving future readiness in your business.

5 Essential Tips To Drive Your Business Innovation

1. Build a robust R&D network

One of the biggest problems in the current climate is unpredictability. The solutions and products that worked before will unlikely work in the future.  Entrepreneurs must foster a culture of agility and constant innovation to deliver better value to customers and clients, hence the need to optimize R&D networking.  

Stay on the cutting edge of research and development so you can easily innovate, create value, and solve emerging problems. You can start by partnering with research institutions in your niche and collaborating on studies and development projects. Innovation challenge events and hackathons are also great places to get new knowledge that accelerates innovation.

2. Spend time with investors

Growth and expansion are not cheap. You will need money and deep connections with investors and financiers to help manifest your big ambitions. This makes investor networking one of the most critical business functions for your startup right now.

Statistics show that venture capitalists spend an average of 22 hours a week on networking. Establishing personal connections with VCs or key decision-makers in finance can help you get the needed support. There are hundreds of crowdfunding sites and launch platforms that can put you in direct contact with investors online. Attending local startup events is also a great way to meet and forge relationships with investors.

3. Cultivate digital transformation partnerships

Digital transformation can help your business remain agile, competitive, and people-centric. Embracing the right technologies, from AI to AR and VR, can unlock significant long-term growth benefits. Whether you want to improve processes, adopt new tools, or expand your digital UVP, there is no better way to do that than networking. The latter exposes you to the right people and agencies that can help you prepare for change and adopt the right systems and solutions.

4. Learn from heritage brand leaders

Expand your knowledge by learning from founders of established brands. These brands have defied the odds and attained maturity in the industry. Their leaders are battle-tested. They have experienced peaks and valleys and have insightful ideas to share. Provided they are not your direct competitors, connecting with these people can help unlock precious insights. You can learn from their individual experiences, pick up new ideas, and identify useful trends and patterns for business growth.

5. Try sustainability networking

90% of business executives think sustainability is important. This trend is likely to continue in the coming years. You can start building relationships with people who can bring sustainability value to your organization. But keep in mind that sustainability is a long-term undertaking. Don’t expect any immediate results with networking. However, by nurturing relationships over time, you will unlock the right innovations and solutions to help accelerate your climate-conscious goals.


Networking is the key to building your brand and increasing business exposure. Beyond immediate brand benefits, establishing connections with other people and businesses can be extremely beneficial for the future. 

Start with these five networking tips to prepare your business for the future.

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