Expert Tips To Find And Grow Your Professional Network

Expert Tips To Find And Grow Your Professional Network

Have you ever been scared at just the thought of making connections? That’s quite normal; the entire process may appear arduous and embarrassing. Nevertheless, one can reap more benefits by trying rather than avoiding it altogether.

Networking is not just a chore but an opportunity for personal and business growth that can reveal new avenues for growth.

I'll shareare three expert tips for navigating and expanding your network.

How To Amplify Growth And Value From Networking

1. Leverage the power of social media

According to a Harvard Business Review report, connecting through social media has become integral to networking. With social media, you can create meaningful connections through a fast-growing communication medium that brings together all kinds of people. 

Besides expanding your business networks, social networks are also great for keeping in touch with your current contacts, ensuring that your working relationships don't fizzle out. The best platforms we recommend for your business networking journey are X and LinkedIn.

An IDC research shows that 84% of executives and 75% of B2B consumers use social networks when making buying decisions. Another LinkedIn State of Sales analysis revealed that nine in ten leading salespeople believe social networking platforms to be indispensable when closing deals.

2. Think outside your industry

Networking within your industry is a good start, of course. But consider breaking out of your confined networking circles to expand your professional network. 

If you restrict yourself only to your circles, that reduces your options when something happens to your industry, or you change your career. Unfortunately, if you do not know anyone other than your colleagues and find yourself on a layoff, you will have no one to reach out to for support from outside.

Harvard professor Robert Putnam says that you need to balance both” bonding capital” (connections based on your commonalities) and “bridging capital” (relationships built across differences). Sallie Krawcheck, former C-suite exec of Bank of America, follows a simple strategy for networking outside her industry; she meets at least one new person every month and does one pleasant thing every week to someone she’s already connected to.

3. Focus on quality over quantity

At its basic level, networking is about building authentic bonds with people and not accumulating countless business cards. There is an old saying that quality networking trumps transactional networking every single time. Data seems to corroborate this saying. A Purdue University research monitoring 370 employees for two years found that people who spend more time building and nurturing relationships with individuals outside their organizations tend to receive more job offers.

To strengthen the bonds with your current connections, think carefully about connecting with people who can add value to your professional development. And when you connect with someone, be proactive, relevant, and helpful. For instance, you can research their niche before you meet them to make your interaction more meaningful. 


Finding and growing your networks isn’t always a walk in the park, but if you do it correctly, you’ll save considerable time and make more money from it than any other activity on your busy schedule. The three networking tips we have highlighted above can help you grow your business connections and create relationships that last a lifetime.  

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