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Grammarly vs. Hemingway: What You Need To Know

Grammarly vs. Hemingway: What You Need To Know

Editing software like Grammarly and Hemingway can augment your word processing software's basic spell check and built-in dictionary features. 

These powerful editing solutions have unique features to handle your specific writing requirements, whether validating for clarity, plagiarism, or grammar. 

In this Grammarly vs. Hemingway review, we’ll analyze each tool in depth to help you decide which service to use for your writing and editing needs.

Who Should Use Grammarly?

Grammarly is the best choice if you need help defining your writing tone, clarity, and grammar mistakes.

This editing and proofreading tool is beneficial for a non-native English speaker who wants to come across as fluent in the English language.

Grammarly combines proofreading and plagiarism-checking functionalities in one – making it a huge cost saver for students and content marketers.

Who Should Use Hemingway?

If you write long, technical prose, Hemingway is your best pick. It’ll help you focus on clarifying and simplifying your writing.

Professional bloggers will also appreciate the convenience of the HTML and WordPress functionality in the paid version.

Hemingway allows users to shorten sentences and use simpler words to achieve an easily digestible level of writing that engages readers.

Grammarly vs Hemingway Features


There are several differences between Grammarly and Hemingway tools regarding where and how you edit. Hemingway's editor has an intuitive design that allows even a newbie writer to head to their page and begin writing immediately. Its clear visual guide will enable writers to identify errors, while the writing mode provides a distraction-free environment.

Grammarly works everywhere and on all devices. The free and paid versions can be used as a desktop app, mobile app, browser extension, Google Docs, or on the web. It provides suggestions including alternative words and phrases to use and the right punctuation to improve the grammar and flow of your writing.


Grammarly's primary role is to check for grammar errors. Grammarly will pinpoint confusing or wordy sentences, provide rephrasing hints, and other sentence structure issues.

Hemmingway app focuses on improving readability and style. It will give you a readability score based on the Flesch-Kincaid metric and provide goals for each report based on your total word count.


Grammarly’s free version has basic features but lacks necessary tools, such as the plagiarism checker. On the free version, you won’t be able to correct punctuation, tone, run-on sentences, style, and word choice. Grammarly’s single-user monthly plan is roughly $15, while the three-person access business plan is about $12 per person.

Hemmingway is also free to use for the most part, but its premium features require a subscription. Hemingway’s paid tier costs $19.99, after which you’ll access all the best features, such as offline use, WordPress, and importing and exporting files. 

Benefits of Hemingway Vs. Grammarly

  • Hemingway is cheaper than Grammarly; once you subscribe to its one-time paid version, you get life-long access to all its features
  • It has more accurate grammar suggestions
  • To use this app, you don’t need to download anything or open an account

Limitations of Hemingway Vs. Grammarly

  • You can’t always accept whatever the tool suggests because you’ll lose your tone and style of writing
  • Since Hemmingway doesn’t save your work, you’ll lose whatever you were working on if you close the page 

Benefits of Grammarly Vs. Hemingway 

  • While Grammarly is available on Android and iOS, Hemingway isn’t
  • You can integrate Grammarly with browsers like Google Chrome or processors like MS Word
  • Grammarly is also ideal for writing directly into your word processor due to its free plug-in

Limitations of Grammarly Vs. Hemingway 

  • Grammarly’s free version has many restricted features, while the paid tier is too costly compared to Hemingway
  • Grammarly won’t give you input on your write-up readability
  • The free version has a word limit of 1000 words, making it difficult to edit documents over five pages at a time. 


If you are still confused about choosing between Hemingway and Grammarly, remember that Grammarly is the best solution for improving grammar, sentence structure, or spelling. Hemingway’s paid version is ideal for enhancing writing tone and style. A combined use of these solutions gives you the best of both worlds.

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