How Young CEOs Can Make The Most Of Chartered Private Jets

How Young CEOs Can Make The Most Of Chartered Private Jets

Young CEOs are always on a quest to amplify productivity within their company operations, and what better way to do this than charter private jets?

Ed Bolen, president of the National Business Aviation Administration, says that businesses are incessantly turning to private jets to make travel more efficient while authorizing their use for personal trips to attract and retain top talent executives. 

This fact is supported by many reports, including one by executive intelligence firm Equilar, which noted that the medium value of aircraft perks for CEOs rose to $130.1 million in 2022 from $30.1 million in 2021. However, CEOs should consider several key strategies to reap the most benefit from private jet charters.

Top Reasons To Fly Privately As A CEO

A mobile boardroom in the air

When your business expands across the globe, chartering a private jet is a necessity for your corporate elite. Private jets make travel productive for CEOs, who can do business from 45,000 feet in the sky, saving time. With ample space and comfort, they can review documents, hold and plan meetings, and make vital decisions that enhance their business operations.

Many private jets even feature in-flight communication structures for interaction with clients and teams on the ground. They also have state-of-the-art meeting rooms and technology to increase productivity.

Flexible scheduling for time optimization

Time is money, so goes the adage. And for CEOs, this saying rings true because they shoulder the organization’s burden to succeed. Every minute spent not working costs the business tons of money. Traveling with commercial planes is unpredictable. 

There is the risk of potential flight delays, cancellations, and other unanticipated flight problems. CEOs have no time to waste as they wait for flights or fix issues. However, on chartered private jets, flight time is a typical work day for CEOs.

Enhanced security and confidentiality

CEOs, especially of large corporations, are always conscious about their safety. Private jet travel provides CEOs with swift and discreet navigation through the hassle and bustle of commercial airport terminus.

Regarding onboard discussions, chartered private jets allow CEOs to discuss confidential business information without fear of eavesdropping.

Flexibility and control

Corporate leaders require flexibility due to the unpredictable nature of their work. Leasing a private jet lets CEOs set their schedules and plan short-lance trips. It also allows them to hold inflight meetings, which helps them manage time well.

Private chartered jets can also accommodate last-minute trip adjustments, which gives them an advantage over flying commercial. This flexibility helps the young CEO seize many business opportunities, attend vital meetings, and respond speedily to market dynamics. 

Good impression to clients 

It’s all about the value of time in generating income and presence. Showing up for a meeting speaks volumes as compared to calling in. Your physical presence can be the difference between winning or losing a deal. Frankly, CEOs are guaranteed to make an excellent first impression on their clients when they fly in a private jet, 

In one multi-million real estate deal, a specific lender had the opportunity to meet the entire project team in person but ended up calling instead. Needless to say, the team is searching for another lender.


On the surface, many companies are realizing that executive jet charters aren’t just a show of luxury; instead, they are strategic for CEOs and the company's competitive edge. The coalescence of a flying boardroom with  luxury tech-driven workspaces onboard improves productivity and makes the CEO's schedule less hectic. 

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