Laid Off Due To AI? These Networking Tips Can Help You Get Hired

Laid Off Due To AI? These Networking Tips Can Help You Get Hired

Statistics are staggering. AI is transforming industries and displacing professionals. A Capterra survey of HR executives showed that 98% of companies plan to use algorithms and software to cut labor costs. Recently, former Google employees have questioned whether AI played a role in the 12000 cuts the company made this year. 

If you get laid off due to AI, that only means you should improve your professional brand. These networking tips can help you quickly get hired for the highest-paying jobs.

How To Get Hired After An AI Job Loss

1. Leverage your close contacts

Research shows that 70% of all jobs aren’t published on job sites, and 80% are filled due to previously held connections. Even better, a Lever ATS study showed that referred candidates have a 20x higher chance of receiving a job than those who applied online. 

You may think you don’t know many people to help you with your job search. But chances are that you do have a job network, and a couple of these people may know someone who may give you remote ai jobs.

To maximize your current network, list the people you know, including family, neighbors, friends, casual acquaintances, and former colleagues. Also, go through your social media accounts and address books, and you’ll be shocked at how large the list can grow.

2. Activate weak connects

When researching ai job opportunities, conventional wisdom dictates reaching out to your strong ties only - those you’ve recently worked with and close friends. That’s a big mistake.

In his 1973 seminal paper, "The Strength of Weak Ties.” Johns Hopkins sociologist Mark Granovetter wrote that a person’s weak ties - their loose acquaintances and casual connections - were more critical than their strong ties in helping them secure employment.  

Over the last 50 years, this classic paper has become a foundational concept in economics, psychology, business, and sociology. It has also received over 70,000 citations from scholars in these fields and other disciplines.

If you get laid off due to AI, reconnecting with old acquaintances and casual connections can be a lifesaver. Weak ties serve as adhesives, keeping your networks strongly bonded. They can also lead you to new possibilities and concepts you would not have encountered within your confined circle.

3. Be consistent

Don't be disappointed by the absence of immediate responses while networking professionally. Persistence is critical in the process of building connections. People may be busy, or your message may have landed in their spam folder. Never give up; be persistent! 

According to a report, 86% of communication breakdowns are due to ineffective communication strategies. Don’t take it personally, even if several people fail to return your calls or your emails don’t get replies.

Do a self-reflection and identify ways to adjust your communication strategy. Be very persistent in pursuing the contacts you need help from to improve your career, and you’ll grow a helpful, professional network in no time. 


If you have been laid off due to AI, networking is one of the best ways to get hired again. Make a list of all your contacts, prioritize your weak ties, and be persistent in pursuing your contacts. In the end, you’ll nurture a strong network of people who can offer you advice, ideas, and critical career support.

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