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Midjourney Review: An In-Depth Look

Midjourney Review: An In-Depth Look

Midjourney is a text-to-image generator that generates photorealistic images from scratch. The platform was invented in July 2022 by David Holz and had more than 15 million users by November 2023. 

A CNET editorial says Midjourney has become more prominent than artistic engines like DALL-E 2. But is it true?

This Midjourney review will give you a deeper perspective on its workings, including its features and latest updates.

Midjourney Features


With the help of Tune, you will be able to form more than 60 images from your text prompts. Each image is unique in its color, style, and mood; the outcome displays a grid where clicking provides for an enlarged version. Tune lets you share your photographs with friends and followers.

Make square

The functionality of this tool goes beyond the default square form, as it changes your image’s shape to a new aspect ratio. For instance, you can resize landscape images vertically with the tool after generation. The arrows beside the “Make Square” button indicate the direction of resizing when using this feature.

Variation mode

Midjourney has a variation mode that supplies the maximum visual customization when using AI for image creation. This feature also may be set in a “low variation mode or ”a ‘high-variation mode' and the high setting is more exciting than the low one.

Midjourney Pros And Cons


  • You don’t have to spend hours honing your artistic skills
  •  Anyone with a stable internet connection can generate images
  • You can select specific areas of your art and modify or remove them completely.


  • Several composite issues keep cropping up such as missing fingers, floating lights, or things that don’t seem to add up in the picture.
  • Midjourner is facing several lawsuits based on copyright since it uses public data to train its models.
  • Deepfakes generated using Midjourney have become rampant
  • To curb the practice of making adult images, Midjourner has banned keywords, an action that can get in the way of honest prompts.

Midjourney Pricing

Midjourney has four subscription tiers paid monthly or yearly with a 20% discount. To use the tool, you must sign up for a Discord account under a basic plan, which costs quite a bit. Then you’ll head to their official website and tap the "Get Invite” button to join the server. You will receive 10 free credits to try the tool before you subscribe for more access.

  • Basic ($10 per month or $96 yearly)
  • Standard ($30 per month or $288 yearly)
  • Pro ($60 per month or $576 yearly)
  • Mega ($120 per month or $1152 yearly)


If you are a digital artist, content creator, or social media manager, you can bring your artistic visions to life using Midjourney. It is very accessible thanks to its Discord-based interface which also fosters a sense of community among its users. We can confidently say that Midjourney lives up to its reputation as the premier AI image tool on the market.

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