Tips To Ask For Professional Endorsement On LinkedIn

Tips To Ask For Professional Endorsement On LinkedIn

LinkedIn endorsements provide one of the best ways to showcase your profile to potential clients and employers. A recent study revealed that 50% of B2B shoppers use LinkedIn when purchasing. However, you'll miss valuable opportunities if you do not ask for a LinkedIn endorsement correctly. Here are four tips on how to go about asking for professional endorsement on LinkedIn.

How To Get Endorsements On LinkedIn

Give endorsements to get endorsements

What better way to receive endorsements than also to endorse others? Many people will feel obliged to return the favor, and endorsing them is just another way of giving them a friendly reminder to do the same for you! A Pomona College study suggests endorsing specific skills of your clients, partners, or other entrepreneurs to show that you genuinely appreciate their work. 

To maximize the impact of your endorsements, drag the endorsements section to the top of your LinkedIn profile. This way, your connections won’t have to scroll down your page to endorse you in return. You can also use the LinkedIn Skill Assessments to showcase your knowledge of the skills listed on your profile to your contacts.

Be professional

When asking for endorsements, you want people to acknowledge your skills and expertise without duress. So, instead of spamming people with generic “please endorse me” emails, you can customize your requests by mentioning specific projects you worked on together. Afterward, you can request them to comment on the project in the form of a skill endorsement.

Also, don’t forget to send a thank you email to someone once they give you a LinkedIn endorsement. Doing this helps to solidify your relationship and shows them that you appreciate their support. 

Be specific

Requesting LinkedIn endorsements can be a sensitive procedure that often leaves one paralyzed with uncertainty regarding the fine line between highlighting skills in an honest manner and appearing too affirmative. Your assertion of competence needs to be precise, such that your demand comes across as a true reflection of what you can do rather than an annoying plea.

By doing so, your endorsers will be able to illustrate real-life scenarios that are strictly demonstrating your proficiency in those particular areas. This lends weight to your endorsements but makes you more credible because it shares concrete examples of how capable you really are in real life. A recent study showed that users with five core skills receive 17x more LinkedIn profile views.

Update your profile

LinkedIn has over a billion members from over 200 countries, but few users keep their statuses updated and thus miss the opportunity to get on their connections' radar. If you have any awards or honors related to your highlighted skills, please add them to the “Accomplishments” section. Do you have a blog? Why not use it to display your skills and receive recommendations you’re your connections? 

You can share blog posts using LinkedIn's write article feature and interact with users who connect with you. Posting regularly underscores your credibility in your listed skill and stamps your dominance in that niche.


Endorsements are your votes of confidence on the major networking platform. Use the above tips to get ahead in your LinkedIn game. 

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