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UXtweak Review: Features And Benefits

UXtweak Review: Features And Benefits

UXtweak is a comprehensive UX research tool with extensive usability testing features for product developers. This platform allows you to test prototypes, analyze user behavior, and gather actionable data.

In this UX Tweak review, we’ll dive into the features and benefits of the platform to help you make an informed decision before purchasing a subscription plan.

Core UXtweak Features

A/B testing

UXtweak allows developers to test apps, websites, or presentational prototypes in a more streamlined way. You’ll discover the pain points users experience with your product and ways to improve usability. UXtweak has also added a witty function that enables you to capture screen recordings of users’ behavior when interacting with your app. You can use this knowledge to optimize the mobile UX of your app or site.


With UXtweak, you can represent your graphical UX data with color-coded values, making it easier to visualize and analyze complicated user data. You can track attributes such as where your site visitors clicked, how far they scrolled, and what they viewed on your apps.


Do you want to know how your customers think, like, or feel? You can effortlessly create surveys to get answers to your questions, allowing you to make product decisions based on facts rather than wishful thinking. You can use the surveys in your iterative design process to improve project outcomes.

Onsite recruiting

The application enables you to get feedback and opinions from your users by simply placing a small popup widget on your site to recruit them. Once your device is up and running, it won’t take long before the number of respondents increases. 

User database

The latest edition of UXtweak includes a database feature that you can use to manage your respondents and invite them to your UX study. This feature is, however, ideal for established products or brands. 


  • Its testing methodologies are dependable, clearly outlined, and easy to execute.
  • UX Tweak’s enterprise edition has many features that exceed other testing tools.
  • Their transparent pricing plans with no hidden fees enable you to see precisely what you are paying for.


  • The platform may be a bit clunky for users who aren’t used to its level of testing.
  • They do not have video tutorials for new users


UXtweak has three flexible pricing options

Starter plan (Free for one user)

  • It’s ideal for small-scale projects
  • Offers all research tools, albeit with limitations
  • No time limits
  • Integrates easily with Trello, Jira, and Slack

Plus ($59.00/month, billed annually)

  • It’s ideal for B2C and solo researchers
  • Offers an unlimited number of studies
  • Up to 5 active studies at any given time
  • 12 months of data retention and more

Business ($114.00/month, billed annually for one user license)

  • Ideal for companies/B2B
  • One thousand plus responses per month.
  • An unlimited number of studies
  • Custom legal and consent forms
  • Professional technical assistance 


UXtweak is the perfect research tool for any design team, Product Manager, or UX designer looking to upgrade their UXR game. You can record users, conduct surveys, and make CardSorts and TreeTests to optimize your product using the next generation of analytics.

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