Amazon SEO Best Practices To Improve Product Visibility

Amazon SEO Best Practices To Improve Product Visibility

Congratulations! You have just created your first Amazon Seller Central Account and are now ready to conquer the world of Amazon sales. But wait a minute. It’s just dawned on you that you are competing with rivals who already rank for keywords with high search volumes. 

So, how do you differentiate yourself? Whether you’re just starting in e-commerce or are a heavy-hitting online retailer, this article will give you valuable Amazon SEO strategies to enhance your product visibility.

Amazon SEO Guide For High Sales Volumes

1. Keyword research

Amazon operates like any other search engine; therefore, you must include relevant keywords in your product titles, descriptions, and feature bullet points in order to rank high. Think of words and phrases your customers will use to find products like yours. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far to perform keyword research. 

The Amazon search box is an excellent place to find keyword suggestions. You can also look at your competitors for phrases that enrich your content. Further, the internet is flooded with SEO tools such as the Product Opportunity Explorer, which are popularly used by Amazon SEO agencies. This new tool allows you to explore demand, dig for keywords, and find data to guide your strategy.

When including keywords throughout your listings, use them naturally where they make sense. Amazon can detect stuffing from a mile away and may penalize you for such a violation. 

2. Use high-quality images

You might have fantastic products, but without eye-catching images, they won’t get the attention they deserve among Amazon’s crowded offerings. Use these best practices to ensure your images stand out:

  • Use more than one photo and capture your product from different angles
  • Always use plain white backgrounds to highlight your product
  • Ensure your product fills no less than 85% of the frame 
  • Highlight your product’s key features 
  • Your products should be clear, focused, and well-lit
  • Showcase images of your products in use to give people a sense of quality and scale

Don’t forget to make the most of the “alt-text” when adding images to your detail pages. Doing so is another opportunity to help your products rank in search results.

3. Write compelling product descriptions

Product descriptions take the lion’s share of your Amazon product listings in terms of relevance. While the product title attracts attention and provides high-level detail, your product description gives shoppers the nitty-gritty details to purchase. Excellent product descriptions translate to satisfied customers, reduced returns, and positive Amazon reviews.

Brands use product descriptions to increase their conversions and SEO on Amazon. Naturally, Amazon rewards great product descriptions with higher search rankings. A recent survey showed 87% of customers regard product descriptions as necessary when purchasing Amazon products. 

4. Encourage customer reviews

Positive customer reviews can increase conversion rates and boost Amazon SEO. A recent study showed that 41% of people said product reviews greatly influenced their purchasing decisions.

The number of reviews significantly impacts conversion rates, with the most significant jump happening between 15 and 20 reviews. As a seller, you should get many positive reviews for your product. Amazon has absolutely no reason to offer buyers low-rated products with negative reviews on the front pages of search results.


With thousands of products vying for attention on Amazon, you need every competitive advantage to stand out. Implementing these four Amazon SEO strategies will bring you one step closer to ranking higher in the Amazon SERPs. 

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