Top Branding Courses Recommended By Chief Marketing Officers

Top Branding Courses Recommended By Chief Marketing Officers

Today, consumers are bombarded with so much content, products and services that having a clear identity or story is key. With the short attention spans and many choices available to people today in their digital lives, branding provides a guiding hand through all the noise. 

Taking branding courses is a great way to stay on top of the latest in branding and incorporate the best practices into your daily work as a marketing professional. Here are the best branding courses you should consider taking to boost your skills.

The Best Branding Courses For Marketers

1. Udemy - Authentic Brand With Personality

This course is for strategists and designers looking for ways to breathe life into their brands. It is also suitable for entrepreneurs looking to connect with their audience better and more profoundly.

The $109.99 course comprises 3-hours of self-paced video lessons plus seven downloadable assignments and resources to put into practice what you have learned. Steve Houraghan, a brand creator and strategist, will help you:

  • Create a roadmap for developing your genuine brand personality using a scientific framework tailored to your audience
  • Understand why your audience expects more from your brand story
  • Learn how to use content marketing with your brand’s language, voice, and tone
  • Master your brand language, voice, and style to spice up your personality 

The course received an average rating of 4.7 stars, while 59% of students gave it a 5-star rating.

2. Kellogg School of Management - Brand Management Strategies

The future of branding requires that executives consistently innovate, experiment, and grow. Kellogg's research shows that over 80% of respondents admitted to defending their brand at least once a year. Another 50% of the respondents said they constantly had to defend their brand in a world of dynamic challenges.

 That is why Kellogg’s branding faculty and experts have introduced this foundation-level research on brand management strategies.  This intense and interactive branding strategy program at Northwestern University combines the latest academic thinking and techniques to inspire you to create and manage a magnificent brand.

3. LinkedIn Learning - Transform Your Personal Branding

In this course, strategic marketing specialist Kelli Schutrop takes you through her time-honored strategies to help you build your brand and elevate your marketing career. Whether you are an agency or an entrepreneur looking to scale up, Kelli will show you how to start and grow your brand in ways that inspire people. 

You will learn how to:

  • Defeat the imposter syndrome and create a unique, powerful brand story.
  • Choose mentors and advertise your brand across different platforms.
  • Familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of reputation management and digital security
  • Create a mission statement for your brand
  • Develop a system to provide ongoing brand maintenance 

4. Coursera: Brand and Product Management Specialization

The University of London offers this course as part of the Marketing Mix Implementation Specialization. When you enroll in this course, you will also get registered for this specialization. This course has the following modules:

  • Defining a winning brand and product strategy.
  • Defining brand identity and developing a system that integrates future products into your product line, improving its worth and supporting growth.
  • Explaining the customer experience pipeline to pinpoint, define, and execute significant brand touchpoints
  • Applying the brand embedding process within your organization to engage your employees and deliver on the brand promise.

Note: You can also take this Coursera course in Spanish.


Online courses are a fantastic way to update your branding knowledge, giving you the expertise to contribute more significantly to your clients, team, and organization. Don’t be left behind on the latest industry trends and best practices! Jumpstart your career progression with these top branding courses.

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